Saturday, May 30, 2009

Health Care pro-con

Today in Seattle two side of the health care debate met at Westlake Center. One side was grass roots the other side was union organized, with people being bused in from faraway places like Canada and Oregon, and well funded.

Of course I came to make my stand in defense of Israel

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But the “anti-government imposed health care” people began arriving around 12:30 so I had to jump around a bit.

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I of course had the Street preachers to hang out with too,

May 30th 009

These guys however do not preach the Truth.

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Speaking of  a false truth, A Truther showed up.

May 30th 076 May 30th 098 May 30th 064

The anti-Israel people left around 3, about the same time the Marchers arrived, so I took a few more photos, changed flags, and joined in the fun.

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 May 30th 100 May 30th 106 May 30th 125

And now, the march…

And the Other Side…

Then the aftermath

 May 30th 285 May 30th 293 May 30th 303

That’s it for today. Sorry I didn’t make a movie, but Rodger did and I might link to it when he puts it up. And there are lots of pictures on Flickr.

Update: Liberty Belle was the girl who put all this together. She deserves a big hooray!!!

She has a movie up (not Rodger's)


libertyforusa said...

Thanks for recording the actual events and flavor of the day!

The staged union event was a top down organized 'show' that they are staging in several cities the grassroots group was the counter anti-socialism group and they are organized from the bottom up!

The street preacher pictures are great too!

Anonymous said...

One criticism of 'health care' charities in general: That industry has become one of the most profitable of all time. It already accounts for about 15% of our GDP. The industry as a whole can easily afford to cover its own research and development. Still, it lobbies for billions in government funding, tax breaks, and 'charitable' contributions. It affiliates with hundreds of public figures who 'raise funds' from ordinary people specifically for that industry in the name of 'humanity'. In other words, we are paying for a portion of their research and development. In return, they sell any 'breakthrough' made right back to us for MAXIMUM PROFIT. Their charges remain absolutely OBSCENE. They have been for years. So incredibly high, that thousands of families have already gone bankrupt as a direct result of health care expenses. Thousands of retirees have already had to 'reverse mortgage' their homes to pay for it. The average American is now losing sleep over health care expenses. Medicare and Medicaid are both projected to go bankrupt. Of course, the industry tries to cover for this injustice with one liners like "Today's drugs pay for tomorrow's miracles.". They also 'give back' a little just like every other industry and seek maximum publicity for it. Its a sham in my book. We don't need anymore 'good will' for or on the part of that industry. We need affordable health care in general. THAT MEANS LOWER PROFIT MARGINS. Along with fewer unnecessary tests, procedures, and pharmaceuticals. Of course, some of the work done is legitimate. But that holds true even for the government. Here is the problem. ITS GONE TOO FAR. Something must be done about this out of control 'drug and doctor' mentality. Otherwise, there will never, ever, EVER be affordable health care for the majority.

Anonymous said...

Great job!

Those photos of all those Seattle socialist nutcases make me really glad I moved away from Seattle.