Saturday, May 16, 2009

Israel 61 years ago

Yesterday was the 61th anniversary of the Founding of Israel. What the Arab world calls the Nakba, the catastrophe.

In those 61 years the desert has bloomed, a people have returned, and a nation has earned its right to survive. On the other side, a people have been abandoned by their brothers, leaders have only brought slaughter, and peace is called betrayal.

Today in Seattle my “friends” at the PSC with their communist partners marked the occasion with an extra display and I of course was there to bring it to you…

IMG_7363 IMG_7383 IMG_7391

The most of the placards had the names of towns destroyed in the 1948 war where Israel’s neighbors rejected the UN resolution founding Israel and launched a war of extermination.

IMG_7399 IMG_7432IMG_7446 

Many little tricks were used to pull at the heartstrings

IMG_7434Even a poetry reading.

IMG_7395 IMG_7451 IMG_7452

It looked like it was going to be a large rally but it never was, it was just the same people who always show up, the only change was the quitting time, they stayed until 4pm.

IMG_7494 IMG_7501 IMG_7502

The whole thing was rather sad and no one cared. Now listen the call for peace I hear at all of these events.

War chants at a Peace rally?

More photos are on my flickr page.

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