Saturday, May 23, 2009

This day in pictures.

Are you surprised to see this on a Subaru?

May 23rd 138

I’m not

At the Seattle folk life festival every both had a line except one…

May 23rd 116

5th and Lenora

May 23rd 110

These photos, And many more are part of a Flickr set I’m working on I call “My Seattle Walking Tour” If you want to see Downtown Seattle This is a good place to start.

And now for the reason I went to Seattle in the first place…

Anti-War Protesters…

May 23rd 015 May 23rd 001 May 23rd 004

May 23rd 016

And Anti-Israel Protesters…

May 23rd 017 May 23rd 024May 23rd 028 

Of course We had the street preachers These guys came all the way from Spokane.

 May 23rd 012 May 23rd 026

I may have some video in a bit.

Two Videos from folklife

And one of me yelling at communist, I hate communist!

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