Friday, May 8, 2009

A man with friends is never alone


Obama's friends

I stumbled upon President Obama’s MySpace page and when I saw his “Top 8” friends, well I thought it was funny

Update: thanks to Mr./Miss Anonymous I went back to look at the comments, the 4th comment down caught my eye. From Jen on march 26th

Obama! love you! i hope that you legalize hemp. hemp can save us in this financial crisis! you can make just about ANYTHING with hemp, it would create even more jobs, help the sick, keep people sane for their busy lives. there are way many pro's to legalizing.
i think of your wellbeing everyday and truely put all my hopes in you to guide me and my family to prosper and grow to it's fullest, and greenest.
We can save the world
, we just have to work together as a team! you are great, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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Anonymous said...

And read the comments:
"hi obama.
can't wait for the change.
super excited!
:] "

is a nice gem in between the declarations of never dying love and fealty.