Saturday, May 2, 2009

Munchies Save Lives

When I arrived today in Seattle I could see some preparations taking place for some kind of event at Westlake park. I asked “what's up” and discovered That a Pro Marijuana Rally would be arriving from Volunteer Park a little after two, No way I’m not sticking around to get pictures of that :)

May 2nd 028 May 2nd 029 May 2nd 033

The Gaza rally was a flop anyway so I put my flag away a little early and got back in time to see the marchers arriving

May 2nd 069 May 2nd 082May 2nd 071 

May 2nd 087 May 2nd 092 May 2nd 097

It was mostly a friendly crowd with more than a few oddballs mixed in for some spice.

May 2nd 115 May 2nd 110 May 2nd 156

May 2nd 190 May 2nd 199 May 2nd 201

The ACLU was there not just as observers but as participants, they even had an official speak (see video)

May 2nd 149  May 2nd 192 May 2nd 147

Some brought their kids

May 2nd 165 May 2nd 184 May 2nd 197

And that was it, just a few more fun photos then the videos.

May 2nd 117 May 2nd 123May 2nd 202

May 2nd 185 May 2nd 052May 2nd 196

Many more photos on Flickr.


Two Babes Dancing…

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