Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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I know this happened a while back but at work I do a lot of thinking about random stuff and so... I was thinking about some recent history and I thought it was ironic that former President Carter didn’t get the Noble Peace Prize in the 70s as a snub to US power, and won it 30 years later for the same reason. I also find it sad that he didn’t even notice. I was thinking about the former president as it now seems we are about to engage in the war that Iran declared against us 30 years ago. How much of what we face today could have been prevented if we had a strong President at that time. When Ayatollah Khomeini ran the Islamic revolution from France, As the Russians moved into Afghanistan. As Islamic radicals assassinated Egypt’s President Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat. Many of those assassins became the foundation of Al-Qaida as we know it today. This is largely the time when radical Islam became the threat we face today. When Regan pulled out of Beirut. When Clinton forced Israel to reward the PLO with virtual statehood. When North Korea was given a "we trust you" deal by Carter. When Saddam was bribing his way into massive palaces while his people were suffering under sanctions. All of these added to the strength of the enemy we face today. Too late to change any of this so we must learn from it.. Those who oppose peace will use the trust of those who seek peace to prepare, then turn on those who thought they had gained peace. A lesson we should have learned from WWII?

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