Monday, April 16, 2007

John Edwards rants.

John Edwards was asked on CNN if the democrats should give the troops surge in Iraq a chance, without answering the question he claimed that the surge had failed. He referred to 1 attack as proof and then went on to call the VP a liar and lastly, and what has become the mantra of the left, proclaimed the "American People" know its failing. You know, If I hear One more democrat yap about what the American people want… The democrats will say the American people want what they want us to want. They claim they won a mandate to end the war in the last election, but they ran moderates in districts that had more liberal replubicans. They ran and won on a throw the bums out agenda not an anti-war agenda. Now every time they are questioned they claim that the election was about changing course in the war. Stop the lies vote republican.

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