Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another view on the Duke case

I got a letter on the VT shooting from the far left group International Action Center. This letter was an ultra deranged rant on the evils of America and the President. When I went to their web site to follow up on this story I found another link on the Duke case. I wanted to share with you so you could see for your self the evil thinking of these people.

Thinking like this
“The majority of the attention given to this case has focused on only one question, that question being “Was she raped?” There is much debate over this question. So much so in fact that it has overshadowed the underlying issues of the case. Race, sex and class…”
So it wasn’t important to find out if a rape occurred, the only concern was that the race and sex and class of the people involved be examined. That the rich be labeled, and the poor, no matter what the evidence says, be given full credibility. This would be ok if this were just these far left groups saying things like this but truth is these groups have direct access to the media they can “pipeline” stories and takes on stories to fit their agenda. As explained by former NOW L.A. President Tammy Bruce.

I saw this manipulation of the media early on in the Duke case. I look for these things in every story, when the facts of the story fall too close in line with the leftie agenda, and when a story looks like it doesn’t merit national news coverage, these alert me too seek a deeper truth.

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