Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Duke rape case

The Duke case is over. 13 months of the lives of 3 young men held up to further the political ambitions of an elected prosecutor. 88 of the schools professors signed a letter proclaiming the guilt of these men. The New Black Panther Party went to the house where the party happened to declare them guilty. The whole team was punished, even the coach was fired. Within weeks we knew that the DNA didn’t match, the girl’s story was inconsistent, two of the men had air tight alibis, the line up was not admissible all of this put the question of guilt in doubt. Yet, for so many on the left, the desire to see these rich white men “of privilege” as the guilty party allowed them to disregard the constitution and to convict these three young men in spite of all the exculpatory evidence. This whole time the woman who made the false accusation had the protection of the MSM. Any question asked about the validity of the woman’s charges are downplayed any attempt to point out the many problems with her story, her past, or her credibility are shunned and the asker is attacked under the same logic that put up the rape shield law. The Law claims to protect the victim, yet it also removes the constitutional protections given to the accused. Now we can see as a nation why these protections were put in place… these men were never allowed to face the accuser, The press took the accusations as fact and downplayed any thing that took away from that… the mind set, something happened and these guys did it, became the driving force in the MSM. Race and privilege became the only necessary motive. It fit the world view of wealth = guilt/poverty = victimhood. The chance to question the accuser early on would have reviled her deception and these men would not have lost over a year of their lives. The MSN should be ashamed, the DA should be ashamed, and The University should be ashamed!

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