Friday, April 20, 2007

Shame on Harry Reid

Shame on Harry Reid... What an evil hateful man. To declare our defeat in public can only be described as a betrayal of our brave men and woman who are serving there and shows a complete disregard for the sacrifices made by all of our servicemen and woman. The democrats plan to hold the supplemental funding bill hostage, I think, is starting to haunt them and yet they can't get past their radical hate of the President and everything right of center their leftist agenda. They are franticly finding any way, any means, to play down any successes, any progress is denied. Time now to send the democrats a strong undeniable message! Support our troops, fund their mission. We can not afford to lose this war in any way shape or form. Reid gave this proclamation while standing in front of a sign that read "transition the mission" this, in my eyes, was a rewording of the democrats old line of redeploy, and shows that the democrats are not getting the support they were hoping for. When they reword their statements, that shows me that the polls are not going their way. Reid must go, if he fails to do his duty then he must step down and make room for someone that will. This is not just a matter of free speech, this is a mater of duty. His duty is not to make War policy. He had his chance for that when the senate voted on the war, now his duty is to work towards victory ours not the enemy's or if he, with a majority of the Senate, feel strongly that we have lost then they can cut the funds. What they have decided to do is play a game of chicken, tying funding to conditions that amount to setting war policy by legislation. They know they do not have the support to cut funds and they don't have the guts to defy the anti-war radical left that funds them, so they choose to play this game. The questions we must ask are... Can we afford to give up Iraq to the horrors of the jihadist? Can we keep America safe while the Mid-East is burning? Will we be able to come home and not have to send our children back again to respond to another 9/11? if the answer is no then we must stay and we must win.

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Anonymous said...

How can "dirty land deal harry" sleep at night... Unless he wants to convert to Islam.