Friday, April 27, 2007

Fund the Retreat Bill

The Democrats in the Senate have passed the "Fund the Retreat Bill". At 51-46 With the help of 4 republicans 2, Smith (R-OR), Hagel (R-NE) who voted for it and 2, McCain (R-AZ), Graham (R-SC), who didn’t vote at all. With Lieberman (ID-CT) has the only (former) democrat to vote against the bill… Now that the vote has been held it is time to send it to the White House for the President to sign, yet the Democrats are holding on to the bill until Tuesday. They say to try to pressure the President, but Tuesday is also the 4th anniversary of the infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. I am willing to bet the democrats will make a note of this fact on Tuesday like they were surprised. I also believe that our enemies will, sometime over the weekend, offer a false truce to add pressure on the President to sign the bill. Stand by for the "I told you so" post on Wednesday.

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