Thursday, April 12, 2007

Obligatory Imus post

I guess it’s time I weigh in on the Imus flap… First the show is about the most boring thing ever to be placed on TV. The man is rude has no respect of anyone. I don’t see how he makes any money. My aunt however loves him, when I pointed out his BS she just laughs it off… I am most happy that he will no longer be around to infest his lie in my family. That said, as with most conservatives I don’t think he should be removed for his statements, rude as they are, this would be censorship and that is a slippery slope we have already fallen too far down already, there is a selective application of this censorship in play right now and it only gets worse from there. I noticed that after Imus made these remarks it was 2 day before the left took up the mantle of outrage, but only after the right had been pointing out the lack of response from the left. This is more of the propaganda we face. I believe that had not rightwing radio brought this to the attention of the nation Imus would have not had a care in the world.

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