Monday, April 9, 2007

Welcome message from Gwillie

Good day everyone. I am at long last joining the world of the blog. I just thought I would come up and give this a try I’ll most likely keep this blog right of center. I’ll be sharing my view of the news and the war and other going ons of life. Some of my history can be found on my homepage To make life a bit easier for you I’ll most likely bring some of what I feel are my best writing from there to here.
I’m not much of a writer. I don’t spell well, and sometime I stump the spellchecker. Fell free to bring any errors to my attention. I think that had the web been around when I was young this would have not been a problem for me, I didn’t like writing with a pen and paper so I didn’t but now I spend hours reading and writing on the web. That would have been all I needed to get the practice to really know how to spell.
Anyway here I am bad English and worst spelling and all I hope we all have fun and stuff.

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G'Willie said...

This is just a test. If this were a actual comment I would say something.