Saturday, April 28, 2007

We got caught in a trap of lies

This story has been making the right wing blog all week. Note: this is an AP story on a Boston news paper web site. The story gained a little more weight in this local news story from the Sun Journal. We on the right have commented on the absurdity of the reaction of the school board and law enforcement to this action. Well it turns out that parts of the story may not have been true. It seems Another site "Associated Content" referred to as a online parody website like the Onion but is actually a user edited news site that has a humor page. Associated Content is alleged to have added quotes and changed facts in this story. On Tuesday Fox and Friends reported the story and then the lefties got hold of the story, but it was all about how Fox was duped or was duping us. Lets start with some facts that the lefties at think progressive forget.

1st the story is true.
Police investigate ham incident at school

2nd Associated Content is not a parody site
Associated Content is The People's Media Company, the ultimate destination site for both the inquisitive public and Content Producers from around the world. Associated Content curates and publishes a robust, ever-expanding collection of engaging, insightful, original multimedia content on the Web, connecting information seekers with the knowledge they want and the widest range of diverse Content Producers.
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3rd the story did not first show up in AC’s humor page it was first posted in their society page
Home » Society » Student Leaves Ham Sandwich on Lunch Table Near Muslims, Suspended for Hate Crime

So was this perhaps another propaganda trap set to catch the right wing bloggers and they just got lucky enough to get Fox News too?

This is not the first time news media been caught in a similar trap. Remember CBS and the Bush National Guard memos?

Or this one with CNN and other networks running the phony Bush IQ story a few years back here's another and for the original posting

The first time, so long ago, I checked this site the IQ report was the only page. Looks like now they have expanded in to a full blown Bush hate fest

update: I did not give proper credit to the source of the google cache link, that credit belongs to "uptight" who posted this on Little Green Footballs. In fact this whole post was inspired by LGF

update: A leftie just posted a rebuttal to the LGF post and I posted a smack down reply

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