Monday, April 30, 2007

I told you so again

Here is the TV add by Americans United for Change.
It's an outrage that this play of politics by the democrats and their lefty allies is not being challenged by the media

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Inside the Green House: Twofer

With states and city and governments all singing the praises of compact fluorescent bulbs comes news of a completely expected unintended consequence.

And just how far did Al Gore go to be the first on the Global Warming band wagon?

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Beautiful Mary Katharine Ham

A poem for Harry "welost" Reid

Almost So

Not quite an "I Told You So" but it's close Hillary speaks
She lambasted the "Mission Accomplished" speech nearly four years ago, in
which Bush declared an end to major military actions in Iraq. He made the
comment while on the deck of an aircraft carrier off the California coast.
That speech, Clinton said, was "one of the most shameful episodes in
American history. ... The only mission he accomplished was the re-election of

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Inside the Green House: Cow Farts

The EU wants a law to change the diet of livestock to reduce emissions
This reminds me of an episode of SeaQuest DSV where beef was outlawed, but one of the crew had some black market steaks... It could only make it sweeter

Episode04: "Treasure of the Tonga Trench"
Interesting and strange fact which we learn: Beef has been banned due to the infamous methane releases of cattle

My past Green House report:

New Poll: A question of Propaganda

Note: This poll service has pop up adds.

Do you feel American news is all propaganda

Yes Every story is propaganda
Yes most stories are propaganda
Yes Fox is all propaganda
Yes CNN,MSNBC and the Networks are all propaganda
No I feel that the news is honest and fair
No but sometimes the reporter gets carried away
Your question is propaganda free polls

1st of many "I Told You So"

Well here we have now, for the first time, a news story bringing up the Mission Accomplished. I warned you.

I fully expect to see many more and I likely missed a few so stay in touch for more updates.

If President Bush vetoes the Iraq war funding bill on the May 1
anniversary of his 2003 “Mission Accomplished” speech aboard the USS Lincoln, it
will be a fitting set piece for the charged atmospherics surrounding the

The Democrats want nothing less then...

Full Defeat!!!

Rep. Jim McDermott (D) WA

I don't live in McDermott's district but I visit often.

We got caught in a trap of lies

This story has been making the right wing blog all week. Note: this is an AP story on a Boston news paper web site. The story gained a little more weight in this local news story from the Sun Journal. We on the right have commented on the absurdity of the reaction of the school board and law enforcement to this action. Well it turns out that parts of the story may not have been true. It seems Another site "Associated Content" referred to as a online parody website like the Onion but is actually a user edited news site that has a humor page. Associated Content is alleged to have added quotes and changed facts in this story. On Tuesday Fox and Friends reported the story and then the lefties got hold of the story, but it was all about how Fox was duped or was duping us. Lets start with some facts that the lefties at think progressive forget.

1st the story is true.
Police investigate ham incident at school

2nd Associated Content is not a parody site
Associated Content is The People's Media Company, the ultimate destination site for both the inquisitive public and Content Producers from around the world. Associated Content curates and publishes a robust, ever-expanding collection of engaging, insightful, original multimedia content on the Web, connecting information seekers with the knowledge they want and the widest range of diverse Content Producers.
Visit our library to browse our compelling catalog of content offerings from our growing assembly of diverse, content-producers.
We invite you to join the people’s media company to share your knowledge and earn extra cash along the way. To get started, sign up today!
For marketers, Associated Content represents a unique opportunity to tap into a unique, educated organic community of consumers, without risk. To request more information, click here.

3rd the story did not first show up in AC’s humor page it was first posted in their society page
Home » Society » Student Leaves Ham Sandwich on Lunch Table Near Muslims, Suspended for Hate Crime

So was this perhaps another propaganda trap set to catch the right wing bloggers and they just got lucky enough to get Fox News too?

This is not the first time news media been caught in a similar trap. Remember CBS and the Bush National Guard memos?

Or this one with CNN and other networks running the phony Bush IQ story a few years back here's another and for the original posting

The first time, so long ago, I checked this site the IQ report was the only page. Looks like now they have expanded in to a full blown Bush hate fest

update: I did not give proper credit to the source of the google cache link, that credit belongs to "uptight" who posted this on Little Green Footballs. In fact this whole post was inspired by LGF

update: A leftie just posted a rebuttal to the LGF post and I posted a smack down reply

Not in my backyard.

So this guy in Portland OR has an issue with the Tram. It seems that officials had assured him that passenger on the new OHSU tram built over his home would not be able to see into his yard. Turns out they can. His first response was profanity but city rules forced him to move the sign and in so doing he hid the curse word. Now for my take: First it is foolish to believe any city workers who tells you that people in a tram designed to provide grand views of the city would not be able to see into his yard... next it is rather vain to believe that people in a tram designed to provide grand views of the city would want to see into his yard.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Inside the Green House (Global Warming Update)

The environment is ever-changing and this has been the case for billions of years so it would be more than a stretch to blame all of global warming on man-made causes, now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that global warming is a hoax or that we shouldn’t change some of what we do to try to help the environment. I am just saying that we may not be able to do anything about it and the things we do try may only make it worse. Something like what the good people at the EU are considering

But the European Commission has admitted that the objective, which aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions, may have the unintended consequence of speeding up the destruction of tropical rainforests and peatlands in South-East Asia - actually increasing, not reducing, global warming.

I live in the American North West Where I sit right now was only 20,000 years ago under a mile of ice. The earth has been warmer before and much cooler many times. Mars is getting warmer (I guess those mars rovers are smog machines). When environmental extremist control the debate the goal is set then the science is explored to make the goals the only solution. When errors are discovered they will first claim that they are lies, and then they will attack those who point out the errors, then when no other option remains they will claim any solutions as their own saying it was theirs all along. If no solution works into their agenda then they will come up with a law or a tax to make it look like they care.

"No mandatory certification exists at present that will guarantee that tropical rainforests or peatlands in South-East Asia are not destroyed for the production of palm oil,"

Enhanced Vision #2

Today at the democrats debate

Thanks to my friends at SondraK

Fund the Retreat Bill

The Democrats in the Senate have passed the "Fund the Retreat Bill". At 51-46 With the help of 4 republicans 2, Smith (R-OR), Hagel (R-NE) who voted for it and 2, McCain (R-AZ), Graham (R-SC), who didn’t vote at all. With Lieberman (ID-CT) has the only (former) democrat to vote against the bill… Now that the vote has been held it is time to send it to the White House for the President to sign, yet the Democrats are holding on to the bill until Tuesday. They say to try to pressure the President, but Tuesday is also the 4th anniversary of the infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. I am willing to bet the democrats will make a note of this fact on Tuesday like they were surprised. I also believe that our enemies will, sometime over the weekend, offer a false truce to add pressure on the President to sign the bill. Stand by for the "I told you so" post on Wednesday.

Enhanced Vision

Well I think I will keep up with the "there I fixed it" ideal however I can not keep using someone else’s title so I was thinking of my own title and the best I could come up with was "Enhanced Vision". I think it will work :) So for my first "Enhanced Vision" this may be a bit scary, One of the thing about myspace I hate is the spam friends request... Some webcam outfit sets up a myspace page and then ask people to be their friends. Most of them have pictures of very beautiful girls. Most of the time they are very small pics and not usable for anything, however every now and then they are quite nice :) I'll save those then report the page has spam. :) So one of the most beautiful of these women sparked my imagination... What would I look like if I were a woman... Hmm let’s see

Thursday, April 26, 2007

America's Christians - Wake Up! You're Under Attack!

The Bible describes the end times as a period of turmoil. Among many dire predictions of "Wars and rumors of wars" famine and pestilent... Rabbi Daniel Lapin of Toward Tradition points to the fulfillment of yet another end time prophecy

There is no better term than propaganda blitzkrieg to describe what has been unleashed against Christian conservatives recently.

Consider the long list of anti-Christian books that have been published in recent months. Here are just a few samples of more than thirty similar titles, all from mainstream publishers:

"American Fascists: the Christian right and the war on America.”
"The baptizing of America: the religious right's plans for the rest of us."
“The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason”
"Piety & politics: the right-wing assault on religious freedom."
"Atheist universe: the thinking person's answer to Christian fundamentalism."
"Thy kingdom come: how the religious right distorts the faith and threatens America.
"Religion gone bad: the hidden dangers of the Christian right."

What is truly alarming is that there are more of these books for sale at your local large book store warning against the perils of fervent Christianity than those warning against the perils of fervent Islam. Does anyone seriously think America is more seriously jeopardized by Christian conservatives than by Islamic zealots? I fear that many Americans believe just that in the same way that many pre-WWII westerners considered Churchill a bigger threat than Hitler.

Hard to believe that a Nation founded on Freedom of religion would ever go so far as to become openly hostile to Christianity, yet go to any leftie gathering and mention God and you will see that hostility in all it's glory... One day I would like to set up a hidden camera in a so called "progressive community" sit with my bible in a public setting and see if I am shown any tolerance.

My Rosie "I told you so" post.

Has I said in my last post the lefties would blame Rosie's departure on 9/11 censorship. well here is my post to prove it.
From Prison Planet
And this from the Democratic Underground

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ching-Chong The Rosie's gone

Rosie is out! Yippie! She has made a show I never watched even less watchable, but thanks to the good folks at HotAir I was able to keep up on her BS. She had taken to more and more outrageous claims as she worked to promote her far left agenda. The latest was her claims that the USA was behind 9/11, and that Iran was baited into kidnapping the British sailors last month by the USA. She sure knows how to show her love of country. Rosie says that she just wanted to move on that she was leaving on her own but I have no doubt that the truthers will claim censorship.

Update Hot Air sings adieu

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reid knows best

First he says he won’t meet with Petraeus, now he’ll meet with him but will not believe anything he says. Reed says we’ve lost, facts be dammed. Reid is an ahole.

I hate to bring this up because the lefties get all reactionary, but... 9 of our guys were killed in one attack, the biggest lose of lives in more than a year, I can't think of any repeat any war with casualty rates this low... and Reid is saying that this is proof we are losing?

'Kryptonite' discovered in mine

Well it's not green, it’s missing 1 element, and they can't name it Kryptonite. They say it's harmless to humans, but no ones tried it on superman yet.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

the next President Of the United States of America

Monday, April 23, 2007

there I fixed it

Once again from my friends at SondraK I got pilfered an ideal ... one of their regular features is the "There I Fixed it” posts, a bit of Photoshoping or creative headline re-editing.

This is a photo from an earlier post on this blog...

Boris Yeltsin dead

Russia's first elected president is dead at 76. He came to power at one of the most desperate time in history when one miss step could have ended the world. He made the tough transition to freedom for the long repressed Russian people a much more peaceful endeavor than most thought possible. This was no small feat and nothing can take away from his efforts. At some point his drinking became a problem and the nation suffered as in his weakened state he allowed corruption to take root and he became entangled with it.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Do something about it

At the SondraK blog they have found a way you can use your computer to help right some of the problems in Washington DC.

1. Open a new file in your computer.

2. Name it “Nancy Pelosi”

3. Send it to the trash.

4. Empty the trash.

5. Your PC will ask you, “Do you really want to get rid of “Nancy Pelosi?”

6. Firmly Click “Yes.”

7. Feel better.

PS: Next week we’ll do Hillary!, Harry ‘The Weed’ Reid, and Jack “The Fake” Murtha.

Rambling Time

You know I don't really have anything to say so it's rambling time... I need money, lots of money, if anyone knows a legal way to make an extra $800 a month for about 6 months let me know.... Alec Baldwin yells at his daughter and it gets posted all over. Now I'm not one to put my nose into other people's business, so All I'll say is he’s a jerk and now everyone knows it... I was right about the far left's reaction to the VT shooting. They are making this all about class war. The left wants gun control the far left wants race control, so what is race control, see "re-education camps" aka sensitivity training

Friday, April 20, 2007

Shame on Harry Reid

Shame on Harry Reid... What an evil hateful man. To declare our defeat in public can only be described as a betrayal of our brave men and woman who are serving there and shows a complete disregard for the sacrifices made by all of our servicemen and woman. The democrats plan to hold the supplemental funding bill hostage, I think, is starting to haunt them and yet they can't get past their radical hate of the President and everything right of center their leftist agenda. They are franticly finding any way, any means, to play down any successes, any progress is denied. Time now to send the democrats a strong undeniable message! Support our troops, fund their mission. We can not afford to lose this war in any way shape or form. Reid gave this proclamation while standing in front of a sign that read "transition the mission" this, in my eyes, was a rewording of the democrats old line of redeploy, and shows that the democrats are not getting the support they were hoping for. When they reword their statements, that shows me that the polls are not going their way. Reid must go, if he fails to do his duty then he must step down and make room for someone that will. This is not just a matter of free speech, this is a mater of duty. His duty is not to make War policy. He had his chance for that when the senate voted on the war, now his duty is to work towards victory ours not the enemy's or if he, with a majority of the Senate, feel strongly that we have lost then they can cut the funds. What they have decided to do is play a game of chicken, tying funding to conditions that amount to setting war policy by legislation. They know they do not have the support to cut funds and they don't have the guts to defy the anti-war radical left that funds them, so they choose to play this game. The questions we must ask are... Can we afford to give up Iraq to the horrors of the jihadist? Can we keep America safe while the Mid-East is burning? Will we be able to come home and not have to send our children back again to respond to another 9/11? if the answer is no then we must stay and we must win.

Friday Morning Photo

Water Water Everywhere.
Visit my flickr page :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another view on the Duke case

I got a letter on the VT shooting from the far left group International Action Center. This letter was an ultra deranged rant on the evils of America and the President. When I went to their web site to follow up on this story I found another link on the Duke case. I wanted to share with you so you could see for your self the evil thinking of these people.

Thinking like this
“The majority of the attention given to this case has focused on only one question, that question being “Was she raped?” There is much debate over this question. So much so in fact that it has overshadowed the underlying issues of the case. Race, sex and class…”
So it wasn’t important to find out if a rape occurred, the only concern was that the race and sex and class of the people involved be examined. That the rich be labeled, and the poor, no matter what the evidence says, be given full credibility. This would be ok if this were just these far left groups saying things like this but truth is these groups have direct access to the media they can “pipeline” stories and takes on stories to fit their agenda. As explained by former NOW L.A. President Tammy Bruce.

I saw this manipulation of the media early on in the Duke case. I look for these things in every story, when the facts of the story fall too close in line with the leftie agenda, and when a story looks like it doesn’t merit national news coverage, these alert me too seek a deeper truth.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Duke rape case

The Duke case is over. 13 months of the lives of 3 young men held up to further the political ambitions of an elected prosecutor. 88 of the schools professors signed a letter proclaiming the guilt of these men. The New Black Panther Party went to the house where the party happened to declare them guilty. The whole team was punished, even the coach was fired. Within weeks we knew that the DNA didn’t match, the girl’s story was inconsistent, two of the men had air tight alibis, the line up was not admissible all of this put the question of guilt in doubt. Yet, for so many on the left, the desire to see these rich white men “of privilege” as the guilty party allowed them to disregard the constitution and to convict these three young men in spite of all the exculpatory evidence. This whole time the woman who made the false accusation had the protection of the MSM. Any question asked about the validity of the woman’s charges are downplayed any attempt to point out the many problems with her story, her past, or her credibility are shunned and the asker is attacked under the same logic that put up the rape shield law. The Law claims to protect the victim, yet it also removes the constitutional protections given to the accused. Now we can see as a nation why these protections were put in place… these men were never allowed to face the accuser, The press took the accusations as fact and downplayed any thing that took away from that… the mind set, something happened and these guys did it, became the driving force in the MSM. Race and privilege became the only necessary motive. It fit the world view of wealth = guilt/poverty = victimhood. The chance to question the accuser early on would have reviled her deception and these men would not have lost over a year of their lives. The MSN should be ashamed, the DA should be ashamed, and The University should be ashamed!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Links for quick post

Sorry I didn't add links for the storys in my quick post you may need them to have any ideal of what I'm thinking :)

the VT shooter
Alan Hart

Quick Post

I oversleep and downloaded and watched 24 and read up on some of the news. Now I have to go to work, so no time for a real post so I'll throw out a few quickies.... The shooter in his note proclamed class war has his motivation, at least in part. A BBC journalist was kidnapped and murdered in gaza and now one reporter blames bush blair and israel. Alan Hart writes "a story which, in many of its details, is an embarrassment to Israel and those governments, most notably the Bush and Blair regimes"

Monday, April 16, 2007

John Edwards rants.

John Edwards was asked on CNN if the democrats should give the troops surge in Iraq a chance, without answering the question he claimed that the surge had failed. He referred to 1 attack as proof and then went on to call the VP a liar and lastly, and what has become the mantra of the left, proclaimed the "American People" know its failing. You know, If I hear One more democrat yap about what the American people want… The democrats will say the American people want what they want us to want. They claim they won a mandate to end the war in the last election, but they ran moderates in districts that had more liberal replubicans. They ran and won on a throw the bums out agenda not an anti-war agenda. Now every time they are questioned they claim that the election was about changing course in the war. Stop the lies vote republican.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Portland photo

There was a picture in the Seattle news paper from the anti-war rally in Portland held in march. It showed one of the banners held by the anarchists
If this was all there was to it then it would not be that much of a problem however, when you see the whole picture... well you have to ask who are the media elite trying to protect?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not Over

I wrote this shortly after last summers Israel/Hezbollah war

Today's Hezbollah rally in Lebanon is a sign that the War on Terror is far from over. The Syrian government is using these events, Hezbollah quitting the government, killing 1 and attempting to kill another member of the parliament to make the government fail, and now these rallies, and soon, as promised, they will resort to violence. Iran has in the past used Hezbollah as their front line troops in the war against Israel.
I have long believed that we will not win this war until we change the status quo in these two nations. It was my hope that changes in Iraq would lead to changes in Syria and Iraq. This no longer seems to be the case. We fight against an enemy who is ruthless and determined, they do not want reason, they do not want peace, they only want to spread terrorism.
Terrorism is a weapon of war which uses the camera lens to magnify its effectiveness. Terrorism is only effective in the court of Pubic Opinion, in that the attacks have little military impact. However when the military responds, the terrorist can use that response to clam excessive use of force, as in Lebanon this summer (with the UN's help of course). So restraint has a strategic place in our conflict in Iraq; however there is a time when little else can be done and force is the only option. We have to go for the source to make this as painless as possible. We now see what happens when you give the bad guys a break i.e. Moktada al-Sadr. We stopped our attempts to arrest al-Sadr. We also held back in Fallujah. We did so mainly to avoid the perceived backlash that many in the western press said we were sure to face. Now they are the loudest voices saying that it is too late to stop him, they say we must talk with him… NEWS FLASH we did, it didn't work. We had to go back and finish in Fallujah and now we have to finish the Mahdi Army. The longer we wait to do something the worse it's going to be! These media elites are the same people who say we must talk to Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas.And say what? Please don't hurt us? Please keep selling us oil? Please don't make us convert?I will not submit!!

Oh I forgot to add that this post is only my uninformed opinion and may not be all that useful, but it did make me feel better just to get it out of my system.

Obligatory Imus post

I guess it’s time I weigh in on the Imus flap… First the show is about the most boring thing ever to be placed on TV. The man is rude has no respect of anyone. I don’t see how he makes any money. My aunt however loves him, when I pointed out his BS she just laughs it off… I am most happy that he will no longer be around to infest his lie in my family. That said, as with most conservatives I don’t think he should be removed for his statements, rude as they are, this would be censorship and that is a slippery slope we have already fallen too far down already, there is a selective application of this censorship in play right now and it only gets worse from there. I noticed that after Imus made these remarks it was 2 day before the left took up the mantle of outrage, but only after the right had been pointing out the lack of response from the left. This is more of the propaganda we face. I believe that had not rightwing radio brought this to the attention of the nation Imus would have not had a care in the world.

An almost true story

First we have the Kimmel video (that I can’t find right now) then we have a made up news story that gives some truth to the image. Then it lingers for a week or so, and finally a story comes out to say it was all just a joke… I have to wonder if this wasn’t all part of an organized propaganda campaign. Never mind, I really don’t have to wonder, that was a botched joke.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The war today

News is that the terrorist have found a way to counter our anti-IED measures, this would require some advance technology, someone is providing aid and comfort to our enemy. In war, especially a long war like this, it is a game of measures and counter measures. And we are hard at work finding a way to regain the ability to defeat the deadly IED. The just announced extension is sure to throw the anti-war nuts into a frenzy. Even now, a reporter asks if the army is breaking a promise to the troops. Hey, its war and you have to make tough choices.

democrats and race relations

A while back I don't remember when or who, a democrat had an interview on one of the news channels. They were talking about a woman of color who was a South African with a heavy accent. So at some point in this interview this PC and caring for the minoritys Democrat calls this woman "African American"
I Call Racist!

Another post moved from

I know this happened a while back but at work I do a lot of thinking about random stuff and so... I was thinking about some recent history and I thought it was ironic that former President Carter didn’t get the Noble Peace Prize in the 70s as a snub to US power, and won it 30 years later for the same reason. I also find it sad that he didn’t even notice. I was thinking about the former president as it now seems we are about to engage in the war that Iran declared against us 30 years ago. How much of what we face today could have been prevented if we had a strong President at that time. When Ayatollah Khomeini ran the Islamic revolution from France, As the Russians moved into Afghanistan. As Islamic radicals assassinated Egypt’s President Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat. Many of those assassins became the foundation of Al-Qaida as we know it today. This is largely the time when radical Islam became the threat we face today. When Regan pulled out of Beirut. When Clinton forced Israel to reward the PLO with virtual statehood. When North Korea was given a "we trust you" deal by Carter. When Saddam was bribing his way into massive palaces while his people were suffering under sanctions. All of these added to the strength of the enemy we face today. Too late to change any of this so we must learn from it.. Those who oppose peace will use the trust of those who seek peace to prepare, then turn on those who thought they had gained peace. A lesson we should have learned from WWII?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You wouldn't know it

there's a war going on, and a fight to control our borders, and a congress that is overturning all the rules, but the most important news of all is Anna Nicole.

I have to know

I’ve been to lots of anti-war rallies standing across the street with my support the troops signs. Among the many insults I face the most common accusation is the calls of racist. These come from people who know nothing of me or my beliefs. So this leads me to ask, what is it that compels the leftist to make this claim? Why are conservatives racist?

Monday, April 9, 2007

What are we to do?

Today we stand on the edge of war, a wider war, world war III. When I think of how this could have been stopped I know that the chances to stop this war most likely past us by 20 some odd years ago when we knew Iran had direct responsibility in the Lebanon barracks bombing and we did nothing. After that all of our enemies tested us, pushed us, and we held or wrath. Then 9/11 and we had to respond we did well, our enemy backed off for a bit then they saw a weakness return. We don't see it as a weakness and really it isn't but to our enemies they saw it as such. Groups like ANSWER formed just days after 9/11 to fight any attempt to show strength, at first they failed, but with time and with the constant media attacks on our efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq (for partisan political advantage) We began to question our response, we thought of ways to lessen the negative impact on our enemies. To us it was a strength showing thru we found compassion as a way to combat hate. But the hate only grew and was emboldened by our compassion and soon that hate took steps to use our compassion against us... as they turned their weapons against their own people and then pointed our cameras to the carnage, we turned our compassion to sympathy for the victims of this dreadful violence... the enemy then took up the mantel of victimhood. He began to fight where the cameras could see where the reporters could hear. Taping and sending images of the death and destruction to CNN. The fact that every night we find only calls for our surrender on the news now has put us on the brink of a wider war. Emboldened, Iran is sending solders to fight in Iraq, providing bombs to kill our people and the only outrage here is that we can't get out fast enough? They take people and hold them on trumped up charges, force them to make confessions in violation of Geneva. And here we say that maybe the Britons were on the wrong side of the river? That maybe Iran is just trying to get us to stop being mean to them? I hope we see soon that fighting a war with compassion is the only way to surely lose that war. America is a strong nation and any enemy who thinks our compassion will lead us to suicide will very quickly find that line he could not cross, and find America and her allies at their doorstep. If the anti-war left wants to live in the peace and security they have enjoyed for these many years, when they come home from their rally they should pray for our anger to be brought forth in a manner that unites us fully as one nation in a war that must be won. If we fail to rally in time, if the enemy can drive us away from the fight, then our friends who oppose this war should pray that those who thought this battle was going to be settled by talking with madmen will be able to find for them a safe place to pray 5 times a day.

Welcome message from Gwillie

Good day everyone. I am at long last joining the world of the blog. I just thought I would come up and give this a try I’ll most likely keep this blog right of center. I’ll be sharing my view of the news and the war and other going ons of life. Some of my history can be found on my homepage To make life a bit easier for you I’ll most likely bring some of what I feel are my best writing from there to here.
I’m not much of a writer. I don’t spell well, and sometime I stump the spellchecker. Fell free to bring any errors to my attention. I think that had the web been around when I was young this would have not been a problem for me, I didn’t like writing with a pen and paper so I didn’t but now I spend hours reading and writing on the web. That would have been all I needed to get the practice to really know how to spell.
Anyway here I am bad English and worst spelling and all I hope we all have fun and stuff.