Friday, May 11, 2007

Before you hate me

I want you to think of anyone you know who's been thru this and then judge for yourself whether this report is fact or propaganda.

I am not going to say what this post is about because it would just be too controversial. This is the far lefts most important issue. The one thing sure to get me noticed on this blog, not in a good way, by the far left.

These are the facts they hide from us to keep their ideals alive. They attack anyone who dares to point out what most of us would know is true just by using common sense. They want to hide the risk from the people they profit from and the people the exploit. When they began they followed an idealism that has now been so completely debunked we had a war to end it, eugenics. Yet even though they deny they seek this end they offer their services mostly to the poor and to minorities with 73% of their offices being in neighborhoods where they can reach both. They fight to have access to our children, to hide what they do from their parents. They claim they only wish to protect them from potential abuse yet they do not report the worst kind of abuse over and over, the sexual exploitation of these young children by older men. They control what you see and hear about this subject in the media, they brand any dissent with hateful rhetoric. When you challenge them you challenge the “very ideals of human rights”. They have gained power in this nation, in fact, the world. They gained power over governments using fear and intimidation. They gained control of one party and used the media to silence the other. They claim one side votes based only on this issue. The famous 1 issue voter, yet when you look at the candidates only one party has people running on both sides of this issue, and it’s not theirs. Only one party allows speakers at their convention to speak who hold a different view on this issue, and it’s not theirs. Only one party debates this issue year after year, and it’s not theirs. For them the issue is settled, no need to think of the pain that has affected millions. No need to debate at all, in fact debate is the last thing they want, the status quo is just what they want and debate may expose the true cost they have worked so hard to hide. They could not argue for the status quo if the true cost were known.

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Update: here is another important link on this subject.

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