Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The lie that got two men put in jail

This is the story of a liar who smuggled drugs into the US and got shot in the process. The true story has I know it is that he was caught, ran back to the border, was chased by agents was almost caught, one agent was on the ground the other then fired on the smuggler the smuggler kept running and got away. The agents then picked up all the shells and did not report the shooting. (that is a crime.) Later the smuggler was granted immunity to testify. He was then arrested smuggling again and was released under the same immunity.
Now the El Paso Times has his view.

He takes great offense at being referred to as a "drug smuggler," he said, because he only did it once.

Allow me to offend the "drug smuggler" He got busted again while the trial was on going so I'm calling BS!!!

Now keep an eye on this
Aldrete Davila's urethra was shattered by the bullet two years ago, and he still lives with a rubber tube sticking out of his belly button that connects his bladder to a plastic bag.
Agent Compean shot at him several times and Agent Ramos,once, hitting him.
Getting the bullet removed from his thigh in 2005 was his only motivation for testifying against the agents, he said.

I didn't know your urethra was in your thigh!

What they don't mention is that he fled in another truck waiting inside Mexico. The injuries he is claiming would not allow him to flee any further.

Now, getting some money to rebuild his urethra is the only reason he filed a multi million lawsuit against the U.S. federal government, he said. Aldrete Davila said several Mexican hospitals have asked him for at least $30,000

A multi million dollar lawsuit for a $30,000 operation. Well I guess the extra money will put his urethra back where it belongs?

"Everybody hates me there (in America)," he said.

Well he's not dumb.

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