Friday, May 25, 2007

A warning

So many who want to impose a "single payer" "universal" Government Health Care system persistently say we should look to Europe and Canada and of all places Cuba. These fine examples of free health care for everyone should inspire us to do the same here... I hope not.

“GPs (general practitioners) have to take back responsibility for evening and weekend out-of-hours care. It is partly the fault of local organisers and partly that of national healthcare organisers for trying to implement massive changes without any test of the system. There needs to be a complete overhaul of the national system.”
The thing that they didn't fully explain was the cause of the infection that killed her.

She died after developing blood poisoning caused by an infection following an injection for hemorrhoids.
That should have been a simple procedure, that she was infected show an even broader failure then the story alludes to.

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Anonymous said...

Anybody that trusts OUR government to deliver health care needs to look no further than how well FEMA is run when a disaster hits someplace, like New Orleans.

Other governments might be able to be trusted but our government is simply too corrupt and too incompetent to control health care.

They can't run FEMA, they can't win a war in a 3rd world nation that's been under sanctions for a decade, or the catch a single little man hiding in a cave, or even maintain the value of the US dollar.

Our government is simply too INCOMPETENT to be trusted with healh care. Social Security will never be paid to anybody under 40, since our government has been spending the surplus nearly since it's inception, although this is specifically banned in the Social Security Act.

Giving money to the government today is the same as giving it to a con man.