Sunday, May 20, 2007

Old twist for new propaganda

OK so I guess someone didn't tow the party line and it's time to pile on. So it's true that she has kind of gone over the deep end lately, you know blown up at a car a bit, funny hair cut, strange habits with the kids, but hey when your in the spotlight like she is this stuff could happen to anyone. However I don't care how bad she has been or what you think of her as a person, this is just piling on.

A topless Britney Spears has thanked fans for their support during "the trying time" that has included the end of her marriage, a bizarre public meltdown and a spell in rehab. In a message posted on her website, a photo of Spears wearing nothing but a pair of elbow-length white gloves appears alongside a message to fans who have included the troubled pop princess in their prayers.

The Photo referenced is at least 5 years old been seen by millions already and is not truly a topless photo. Darn it! So I can only wonder what it was she did to earn this treatment?

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