Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Not everyone celebrated

Not everyone celebrated Memorial Day. Two young men did something that was a bit upsetting to most Americans.

ROCKLAND - In what one cop called a “disgraceful” show of disrespect, two 13-year-old boys were arrested yesterday after allegedly pelting eggs at the town’s Memorial Day ceremonies. They hit war veterans and members of the color guard who were marching in a parade, police said

However some Americans are upset by different behavior by children on Memorial Day. Watch the video one of the speakers talks about seeing a young boy waving a flag and how this was his start on the path to War.


Steve said...

Was that you holding the camera and riding away there, George?

"I almost got my ass kicked by a bunch of peace(*wretch*)-lovin' hippies!"

That's not what I saw; I saw some dedicated American veterans ready to defend the Constitution, as they swore to do (me too). I caught the nearly-cut portion of the "hippie" pointing out that you(is that you?) wanted "modifications" to the Bill of Rights.

Was that you? Did you have some inflammatory signs at this event? Why else would they single you out from the crowd?

Steve said...

My mistake — I followed it to youtube and saw that it was put up by "Uncle J".

If he doesn't like the Constitution and Bill of Rights, then he ought to just leave. Try China. He could buy all the same crap there that he gets at Wal-Mart here.

It's one thing being an American and exercising your rights, it's altogether another calling for the undermining of the very principles that define those rights.