Friday, May 18, 2007

Venezuela; Death of freedom

I've seen it at almost every anti-war rally I've attended in the last 2 years. A leftie finds something nice to say about the "brave man of the people who stands against US imperialism" Hugo Chavez. Well this brave man of the people is about to take control of the last free TV network in his little nation ending dissent. This was among the first moves the fascist Mussolini took after he gained power also.

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Found it, here.

The channel and its supporters argue Chavez is trying to silence criticism, while the government says it will be replaced by a public-service station and that freedom of expression is being respected.

William Lara, the information minister, said on Thursday that Venezuelans have "many reasons to celebrate the signal's return to popular sovereignty".

Another take on the takeovers

Mr Chavez is stepping up his campaign to turn Venezuela into a socialist state.

And we can't forget the "progress" made in Venezuela over the years.

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Steve said...

After viewing most of the little video showing then (1998) and now(2005) in Venezuela, I have come to the conclusion that you don't really like doing any fact-checking.
The first item was the pulling down of the statue of Christopher Columbus. Disingenuously, the images imply this was a Chavez-supported event, when in fact this was an act by a group of indigenous people acting on their own. Their act was condemned by pro-Chavez authorities, and several arrests were made. The statue was replaced.

Next, we have Crystal Tower--I've searched the web and cannot find any reference to such a building in Venezuela. I've found the Crystal Cube Plaza, an architecturally impressive structure.

This is followed by Plaza Venezuela, first an image at night, with all the lights on and water spraying, the next during the day and the water turned off. Also some graffiti on the side.

This, again, is wholly disingenuous when you consider how easy it would be to take pictures of practically any American city and give it the same treatment. And many fountains (I can think of one by Griffith park) are not run 24 hours of every day.

OK, next we have Central Park Tower. Apparently there was a blazing fire in 2005. So? By the way, why didn't that tower collapse? Isn't it made of steel? Doesn't fire melt steel, vis a vis the World Trade Center?

Moving on, we see beautiful Altamira Square, water on , then water off. See above.

The next one is perplexing. Here, we see two different displays of the kinetic art of Jesus Soto, except that the second one indicates that Soto died in 2005 (he was old). Is the video implying that Chavez killed him or something?

I don't know what the fuck to make of the next one. More graffiti maybe? Shocking! That bastard!

East Park Children's Playground. Also not to be found in a studious web search. There are many playgrounds in Caracas--hard to say what was happening here, except maybe the park was shut down for the rainy season--those clouds look threatening.

Then we have Viaducto Numero Uno, an important bridge from Caracas to the ports and airport. The bridge collapsed, partly due to some excessive rain that had undermined the structure, but it was old anyway. It took a little searching, but I was able to find a picture of it under reconstruction as of May of this year. Bridges take awhile to build.

I couldn't spend any more time with it; I had seen enough to be convinced that the creators of the video had an agenda they were foisting on the naive to foment hatred against Chavez for taking back Venezuela from the North American corporations (and other interests) that had been controlling it for decades.

There is no substitute for study and fact-checking. Gotta do the slogging, as it were.