Thursday, May 17, 2007

I don't go for strikes but...

In this case I think it is needed. When the mayor joins a protest and fails to support his police officers. It's time for the police to act. The LA mayor is using this issue for political points.

fact: police were attacked by protesters, 8 officers were injured before the police took action.

Eight officers suffered minor injuries, including one officer who was pushed from his motorcycle,

fact: police orders to break up the protest were ignored.
"Our officers gave a legal dispersal order and were met with violence,"

fact: police did not force troublemakers into the crowd so they could have more "targets".

Television footage shows a crowd, apparently prodded by police, sweeping through a live broadcast by a Telemundo reporter, injuring some employees of the Spanish-language station.
The mayor needs to stop this PC war on the good guys and focus on finding a way to rebuild trust with his officers before he finds he has no operating police force.

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