Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Biden and The little Guy

I feel this story may be the perfect metaphor for the Obama/Biden administration.

US Vice President Joe Biden's official plane has flipped a small aircraft while taking off

So this kind of thing isn’t common because large aircraft are most of the time parked well away from the smaller craft, I’m not sure why this was not the case here. But this isn’t the only example of the Biden’s distain for the little guy in this story…

The Boeing C-32, a special version of the popular 757, was carrying the Bidens back to Washington after a two-week vacation with friends in the Hamptons, a popular summer spot for wealthy New Yorkers in eastern Long Island.

This administration has been talking the talk “We care about the Little Guy”, but walking the walk “We live with the elite”. With never a care of who they step on or “blow over” in the process. The headline shows where there concerns truly lay.

Air Force Two flips another plane, Biden uninjured

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