Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Great Poet

An Olympian wrote this hum dinger of a poem to lament the haze in our Northwest skies, caused by forest fires in Canada (also in the NW).

Orange Sunlight, an Ode to Dispersed Oil Tarballs, by Berd
Orange sunlight
tarball infected stratus
clouds in the sky
more corexit perhaps?

The Gulf is 4 or 5 days drive the fires are just 4 hours, away I guess that is the true meaning of the lefty mantra  "Think globally, re-act locally".

I’m getting Hits based on this story so I might as well post it

Thanks SondraK

note: A little something about the author (by the author?) from his Flickr profile

A philosopher and an artist, a photographer and a poet, a listener and a learner, a teacher and a healer, Berd loves to sing and dance. Berd seeks an end to oppression, and envisions a world where people do not hurt each other, and where all people are treated equally and well. A spiritual being in the material world, Berd is interested in social, political and economic fairness, equity and justice; economic and ecological sustainability; environmental protection, preservation and restoration; and peace, nonviolence, truth, kindness, compassion, benevolence and stewardship as ways of life.

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