Saturday, August 7, 2010

Free Crack

At first the headline I followed said they were giving free Crack pipes at a Seattle U-District needle exchange, Its more that that.

The program began giving out crack kits a few months ago, after staffers felt the need to support crack users, who still make up a major local drug trend, according to a recent University of Washington study.

The kits include a new pipe, screens, and a mild acid to make the crack injectable

….new and unbroken glass pipes are believed to prevent lip cuts and the spread of hepatitis strains. Rubber tips and new filters ward off mouth burns. Ascorbic acid helps prevent users from using lemon juice to dissolve cocaine rocks into an injectable liquid -- a common practice that can lead to fungal infections.

And they give out 10 of these a day along with the 2,000,000 needles a year

These programs do not help any one, they enable the behavior that kills hundreds and destroys those whom it does not kill, Family’s suffer neighborhoods suffer, and bystanders suffer. They had an argument (lame as it was) with the needle exchange, but to expand it to protect from cut lips? When the results of  programs like this are so obviously destructive that tells me the program is fulfilling it’s intended purpose of damaging the foundations of American society

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