Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Someone is leaving signs

First they are defacing the Republican campaign signs in front of homes then posting nearby signs that say “Republicans are a disease” This is a crime, and an act of political intolerance and if you follow the link to the website you will see what I’m talking about.

But first a little side note, this is not the first time I’ve seen these signs.

At Seattle’s Northgate Mall August 22 2009


And this is the BMW he drives (at least what he drove last year)


Note: The tabs are visible on the car, they should only be use for law enforcement purposes.

OK now the story

A couple in Shoreline have been targeted in a campaign that involves destroying signs supporting Republican candidates, and replacing them with signs for RepublicansAreADisease.com.

Now the (laughable) denial No link (follow the link off the sign if you want to visit that vile place)

No one associated with Republicans Are A Disease took down anyone’s yard signs, or knows anyone who does that type of reprehensible thing.

A quick point: the story doesn’t say that signs were taken, rather they were “Destroyed” Something the Hate-site does not  refute.

Could this be a confession?

When I get a little too upset, I print up some of these signs, take my ladder, and staple them up high on telephone poles in my neighborhood.

When he gets a little too upset that people have different ideas about freedom then he does.

A statement of faith hate

If there are any Republicons around, I want my signs in their face. I am mad, and I won't take their attacks sitting down any more. I am tired of being called names by the likes of Rush Limpbat, and his sickening right wing, ignorant ditto head friends. I love my country, and I am not afraid to let my neighbors know I think the Republican Party is America's greatest enemy, and must be driven from power. Help me, and your country.

Note: Limpbat, ignorant, and Republicons  are not name calling? Thanks for clearing that up…

Last point: I believe, but cannot know for sure, that the man pictured above is the owner of the hate-site. I’ve deduced this from my conversation with him last year and what is written on the site, chiefly “I had a sign in the back of my car that read ‘Republicans America's Worst Enemy’". Which he did.

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Anonymous said...

Any idea where this guy hangs out? I'd love to encounter him.