Monday, August 9, 2010

No to the occupation?

This was August 23-24, 1929 there was no Gaza, no West Bank, no Occupation, no Israel

1929 Hebron 

For many days before the horror began, the poison of incitement was felt everywhere. The Arabs spoke openly, shamelessly, and fearlessly of the massacre of the Jews to be arranged in the near future. They did not hesitate to reveal their whole detailed plan ... Facts and evidence are in the hands of the survivors. The landlord of the Hotel, Nachman Segal, said to the lessee of the hotel on Thursday: ``Pay me the rent today, because tomorrow no one among you will be saved.''

67 dead, 50+ wounded and uncounted rapes because the Jews were praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The result was the end of a Jewish presence in this West Bank city, the 2nd holiest City in  Judaism, until the 1967 war

Just 5 days later this event was repeated in Safed 18 killed These were just two of many such attacks, plus the many more that were part of the The Great Uprising just 6 years later.

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