Monday, August 2, 2010

Unless they lied to us all along

The “Bush tax cuts” are set to expire returning the tax rates on “The Rich” to Clinton ere rates. So why is it that Democrats are scrambling to preserve parts of these tax breaks if they only helped the rich? Why are they now insisting that “Middle Class” tax cuts (that did not exist during the 2008 campaign) must be extended? Why are they blaming the impending hikes on Republicans?

Did they know full well that the Bush tax cuts went to “All” tax payers? Did they know full well that Bush’s tax cuts helped the economy weather the attacks of 9-11? Or that the tax cuts stimulated the economy and raised revenue that help cut the budget deficit before the Democrats took over in 2006 ending all pretext of fiscal responsibility?

Is it because they have been lying to us all along?

Um could be.

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