Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Color me shocked

First the color part

(Sheriff Detective) Gordon noted that another girl's mother told him Mondragon is a local artist specializing in paintings of naked, dead girls

Wow, you would never think an artist like that would be making lewd requests of 13 year old girls.

The girls told police they were "creeped out" when Mondragon told one of the girl's she was "hot" and (the girls) attempted to walk away. As they did so, Mondragon is alleged to have propositioned one of the girls, asking if she would perform oral sex on him in an alley.

How many sicko stereotypes are in this story?

"While it's not a crime to express one's self in art such as this, considering his predilection with sexual activity, particularly with young, underage girls, it raises concerns," the detective continued in the March 24 affidavit.

You think?

Get a backhoe and dig up his yard!

Oh and about the shocked part… In the lead paragraph.

A Vashon Island eco-saboteur terrorist who previously lost an arm cutting power to Orcas Island is facing sex crime charges.

Just an all around genuine creep

They breed here like rabbits

A Tenino man arrested in connection with a woman’s slaying says he found her body, had sex with her corpse, and then was planning to dump her body, according to court documents.

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