Sunday, August 22, 2010

Confusion of terms

Heroic: showing great bravery, courage, or determination characteristic of or suitable for a hero

What is heroic about walking into a restaurant frequented by teenagers and detonating a hidden bomb?

The heroic Shahada - Seeker  Omar Muhammad Ziyada (Abu Samed) who carried out the heroic Herzliya operation on June 11, 2002

This “Hero” killed a young lady and wounded 16 others. The Mission was a part of Yasser Arafat’s response to Israel’s concessions at Camp David also know as the Intifada.

how would I describe a people who would erect monuments to such killers.

Infamous: so bad as to earn somebody an extremely bad reputation

Insane: showing a complete lack of reason or foresight

Inhuman: showing great cruelty and a lack of humanity

Despicable: fully deserving of contempt

Don’t believe this video is real? read Snopes.

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