Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outraging Public Decency

It appears the monument is a target for some reason…


With Swastikas and other acts defacing this remembrance 4 times in the last two years CCTVs have been placed there CCTVs are what caught Miss Windy Lewis urinating on and “performing a sex on” a man on the monument.

War veterans are calling for a woman who urinated and performed a sex act on Blackpool's war monument to be jailed.

She was convicted in absentia and arrested yesterday

Wendy Lewis, who was jeered by veterans as she attended Blackpool Magistrates' Court on Friday, evaded sentencing by going on the run.

My guess is that the CCTVs were not the only cameras there, Look her up on the internet? (not a good ideal if you like your computer, those porn sites have the nastiest viruses)

"To be honest, we just need people to have a decent attitude and respect for mankind."

A little self pride wouldn’t hurt either.

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