Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Man’s traitor is a communist’s hero

PFC Bradley Manning who leaked the Apache Video showing an attack on armed men (one clearly had a RPG) and is now implicated in the release of these new documents  that will lead to the deaths of perhaps hundreds of Afghanis and could also compromise our troops. He is now at the Quantico Brig awaiting trial, and in an e-mail ANSWER wants to protest the fact that this traitor may have to face justice for his crimes and the lives that will be lost thru his actions.

We urge everyone who can to join us at a Free Bradley Manning demonstration on Sunday, August 8 at 12 noon.

PFC Manning is facing 50+ years for his treason, why he isn’t facing the death penalty I do not know. This is an argument I heard last week “how bad could these leaks be, I mean it just a few after action reports, and was not really classified ‘Top Secret’

Beyond getting people killed, WikiLeaks' actions make it less likely that Afghans and foreign intelligence services (whose reports WikiLeaks also exposed) will cooperate with the United States in the future. And, as former CIA director Mike Hayden has pointed out, the disclosures are a gift to adversary intelligence services, and they will place a chill on intelligence sharing within the United States government. The harm to our national security is immeasurable and irreparable.

The ANSWER Coalition, is a communist front group that formed on 9-14-01 to undermine any response we may undertake (i.e. driving the Taliban and al Qaeda from Afghanistan) to the attacks.

This whole event may be the greatest victory our enemy has won in this war, and it was handed to them by a PFC with a leftist political agenda. There is no need to seek any further evidence, The facts are clear, the anti-war left (international and domestic) are America’s Enemy!

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